I am committed to working with diverse individuals, couples, and groups without discrimination to help people achieve the lives they want. I will work with you on topics including but not limited to anxiety, body image issues, depression, life and career transitions, relationship issues, sex and sexuality, LGBTQ+ issues, self-confidence/self-love, and trauma. Sessions are 50 minutes, although I can provide additional sessions as needed and if clinically appropriate.

Psychodynamic Therapy

When we talk about ‘talk therapy’ this is generally what we mean. Through talking we explore the connection between present day issues and past experiences. This process leads to awareness-building and helps you break out of patterns that might be holding you back.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

A slightly more structured approach, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or CBT helps you identify thought patterns or beliefs that feel true, but ultimately might not be true or might prevent you from moving forward. Through CBT I will help you learn how to change distorted thinking in order to create the emotional and behavioral change you want to see in your life.

Couples Counseling

I help couples reconnect to what brought them together in the first place, work through conflict in a productive way, communicate more effectively, and create space for one another to be seen and heard.

EMDR Therapy

We all have memories which cause us pain, but through this World Health Organization-endorsed type of therapy and you can let go of painful memories that interfere in your day to day. EMDR, which stands for Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, helps your brain do the natural healing work it wants to do by taking painful memories out of the trauma zone, and re-integrating them as regular memories- freeing you from painful “triggers” caused by traumatic events.

Sessions are $150 for 50 minutes, and are conducted in-person in my office in Brooklyn or on-line via a secure platform. Like many qualified health professionals I do not take insurance, but offer a limited number of sliding scale slots for clients in need. Contact me for more information.

Interested? I offer a free 20 minute consultation via phone to see if I can help you with what you’re looking for.